Friday, September 7, 2007

Not so forever young?
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According to the TGI (Target Group Index) Global Barometer, Mexicans are becoming less concerned with looking young than they were a few years ago; less now than Germans and Russians. 50% of Mexican adults, 18+, agree that "it is important to keep looking young." Of course averages can be misleading. In all probability at least 75% of Mexican women would agree, leaving just 25% of men make up the average of 50%. Or is the growing population of Mexicans over 45 starting to accept the inevitable?
Mexico has one of the highest of per-capita consumption levels in the world for skin creams, moisturising creams, skin treatments and cosmetics. So any change in consumer attitudes towards looking young could be cause for concern. However, there is a difference between maybe not looking young, but looking younger than you are. In other words the response would br quite different if, let's say, the question was reworded as "it is important to look younger than you are." But would that alter the ranking of responses by country? Probably not by much.

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  1. Very interesting post. It would be great to be able to probe, as the topic is so complex...I'm not sure we'd find only 25% of men in the group who think it's important to look young...And if the question asked about feeling young, would that elicit a higher affirmative response? This is definitely one to muse over.