Friday, November 24, 2006

A ready reckoner for great ideas

An interesting post on Adliterate as a way to evaluate ideas - strategic and otherwise. Worth a look.
Basic Rules of this Blog. . . .

Simple: Treat others as you would want them to treat you. No flaming, insults or pointless ranting.
For our part we will try to avoid overt criticism and controversy. Politics, chisme, smut and low brow humor can be found in abundance elsewhere but not here. That is not to say we won't have a point of view and so will you.

Old Media>New Media>Old New Media>New New Media.

We will be talking quite a lot about new media thinking, communications planning, engagement planning and building media brands across platforms. Media brands and markets are incredibly under developed in Mexico. We are in the process of finalizing a couple of interesting projects for media brands for next year, so hopefully we will have some (non confidential) information we can share.

At the centre of this is the move from old communications thinking (mass production > mass markets > mass media) and old media planning (passive audiences, reach, frequency, CPT etc.) to thinking about: engagement, social networks; new market segmentation; cultural trends and the way people are using and interacting with media, old and new.

Then there are all the buzz words and fads that people use without really thinking about what they really mean, or confusing inputs with outcomes. My current favorites are "buzz marketing" and "viral marketing". But we will leave that for another day.

Thursday, November 23, 2006

This is the sort of thing we will be discussing on the OneBrandBlog. How to build brands through strategic thinking and ideas that work.
As this is a bilingual blog most postings from me will be in English and from Claudio, Carlos, Patricia and Gina and others will probably be in Spanish.
If you would like to post something about brand planning, new brand theory, the changing face of marketing, interesting consumer observations, or interesting links to other blogs or websites just send it over and we will post it here. That might help you get your own blog going.
A good survey on Mexico in the Economist last week.