Saturday, September 29, 2007

branding elements
Brand Definitions at Your Fingertips

Here is a neat directory table for brand definitions from Kolbrener (brand consultants) by way of the good people at, who are one of my main sources for youth trends and other brand related news. They always seem to filter their sources well and nearly all their posts are worth reading.
The Kolbrener table is a good reference for structuring projects but beware of some of the definitions as it would appear that our friends at Kolbrener also specialize in MBA speak. Nothing wrong with that, just a bit irritating after a while. If you really like that stuff, try the MBA on a page from Value Based Management. They have managed to cram literally everything you might ever need to know about management theory on just one page with links to the detailed sources. Amazing! Just the thing if you need to brush up on the 3C´s, 7P´s, 7S´s or Activity Based Costing. I´ll bet you´ll be clicking over there right now!! I think that one came from Guy Kawasaki a few weeks back.

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