Tuesday, July 31, 2007

A Final Word on Generators. . . .

Maybe this is a cultural analogy to the old fairground game. The idea of popping your head out of another body, plant or animal cartoon and having your photo taken.

The analogy transfers well to world of brand experiences: its an engaging experience you can share, imitate, talk about and pass on to others. All it needs is a broad band connection and a photo to work with.

Monday, July 30, 2007

Time to get Simpsonized

More fun with generators. This is an interactive element in a Burger King promotion for the Simpson's movie. You can have your photo "Simpsonized" here. Believe it
or not, that is me (on the right).
I am not a great Simpson fan, but the promotional effort on this
movie and the integration of affinity brand partnerships has been well planned and implemented in a very engaging way. Result? It could break $80 million opening in the US last weekend. We will know tomorrow.
I am starting take in movie promotions more than I used to. Or is that they are just more entertaining than other categories. Here you get to interact and do fun stuff around the brand. Meanwhile, outside, Ford is handing out the same old flyers-folletos-brochures for their summer, end of model year, promotion. Compared to the Simpson's, Shrek the 3rd. or Harry Potter stuff, the Ford effort looks a bit tired and dated. Yawn, into the trash can goes yet another bit of junk.

Generate Practically Anything. . . .

Brilliant for presentations and sending stupid e-mails. http://generatorblog.blogspot.com/

Sorry to be disrespectful to such an iconic brand, but that's the fun part of generators. They don't respect anybody.

A World Map of Social Networks (click on image for larger view)

If you thought (as I was beginning to ) that MySpace is the only game in town when it comes to social networks. This map gives a more global perspective of how the social networking phenomenon is panning out regionally. Orkut has a strong presence in Brazil and India, which could get interesting as Internet broadband penetration grows.
Social networks in Mexico? MySpace 217,000 registered members and Facebook 37,000, with a strong concentration in Baja California, according to Google Trends.

Monday, July 2, 2007

Things to Brighten up a Presentation.

I came across these at StickerGiant.com. They have loads of stickers , badges and buttons to brighten up a presentation; these are some of the cleaner ones. I am waiting for an appropriate presentation to try some of them out and , needless to say, the client with a sense of humor to match!