Monday, March 19, 2007

Why is a Good Insight Like a Refrigerator?

Because the moment you look into it, a light comes on.
Jeremy Bullmore - WPP Advisory Board

If you use the word "insight", or intend to have one in the near future, please read this masterpiece by Jeremy Bullmore.
As he says, not all insights are equal. To be useful an insight must
above all be: exhilarating, inspiring, memorable, actionable and evocative.

"The call for insights is natural. To return to Levitt's dictum, marketing companies don't want research; they want enlightenment. Conventional market research, professionally conducted, can paint an invaluable picture of the immediate past; but companies also need help in forging their futures. That's what lies behind the demand for insights - but not all insights are equal. They come in two very different styles and with very different values. There are low-potency insights and there are high-potency insights".