Wednesday, September 5, 2007

The 7 Deadly Sins
From: garethk, 4 weeks ago

Presentation on the 7 'deadly' sins of account planning given at the 2007 AAAA Account Planning Conference by Gareth Kay of Modernista! and ... less Mark Lewis of DDB San Francisco

This is a good, if lengthy, presentation from Gareth and Mark at the APG conference in San Diego. It´s not really a wake up call, to new brand thinking, anymore, but more of a warning that staying stuck in the traditional (5, 10, 20+ year old) thinking of the way we thought brand communications worked back then (Awareness- Interest- Desire- Action) is now darn right dangerous to a planners health (i.e. career prospects) not mention the health of the brands they are working on. We might have heard it all before but do we really put it work for our clients, when they still don´t quite get it yet?

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