Wednesday, August 29, 2007

New Media?
Your Rocket is Waiting

Sorry, I just couldn't resist the chance to sponsor our very own company rocket!
You can get one at GlassGiant.
Since the Virgin involvement in private sector space travel, this is not such a far fetched idea after all. Maybe it's scalable too!
But this is not just about paid media passivity, we would actually have to get involved in the mission. Probably by getting Myth Busters to solve something really weird that only happens in orbital space. They say the only way that that can work is if we sponsor them. OK, I guess that makes sense, but that will push us way over budget.
But hey, now we have Discovery Channel on board. So we will need to produce some really dramatic video on the "making of the making of", if that makes sense.
Now some really savvy client wants to sponsor a web page that kids can interact with. Wow, now our sponsorship idea has its own sponsor. Great, we also get the budget back in line.
Somebody else just called who wants to make the whole thing into a video game.
It's late, I had better call it a night before this gets out of hand.

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