Monday, December 11, 2006

The 20% that "get it"

We know that only about 2 out of ten of the brand owners (clients) and agencies (all types) that we talk to are going to be interested in the sort of planning and research stuff we do for brands. So it´s always nice when you meet with a client that . . . "gets it".
Last week, it was nice to spend some time with the
guys at Lab, a marketing communications vers 2.0, agency (that´s their logo with the mouse). The type of agency we really like to work with. After looking at the brand brief and communications strategy, we went to Chapter 1 of John Grant´s Brand Innovation Manifesto and talked about the "challenges to the old model of branding". This really changed the dialogue for brand building strategies and the type of research required to navigate the brand. Thanks Lab!

So it really might be better to stay with Chapter 1 until the debate warms up.
Here´s a bad pic of what the debate looks like.
The good news is that the Lab guys went straight to Amazon to order the BIM book.
My target for next year is to witness the purchase of 20 copies of BIM. Notice I did not say "sell". We don´t do that on this blog ;-)

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