Wednesday, August 1, 2007

World´s Top 100 Brands

The Business Week - Interbrand Top 100 Brands listing is here again. You can down load the full article pdf here and check out the the Interbrand methodology for arriving at a brand’s economic worth.
Top 10 brands show little change: Coca Cola is still valued as the most valuable brand in the world at $US 65.3 billion, followed by Microsoft, IBM, GE, Nokia, Toyota, INTEL, McDonald's, Disney and Mercedes Benz. For a closer look at the McDonald's, BW has an interview with CMO Mary Dillon, who talks about the brand dialogue they have developed with consumers.
Probably the most interesting trend in this exercise is the difference between the big winners and the big losers according to the tables.
The big winners are Google (#20) with a gain of +44%, Zara +22%, Apple +21%, Nintendo +18% and Starbucks +17%. These brands stand out as being innovators that have successfully redefined their categories and challenged existing conventions. BW has an interview with David Lawee VP marketing for Google, who summed up Google's innovation very succinctly:
"You can't say your are innovative. You actually have to be innovative. The best marketing for innovation is to put out a new product or improvement every two weeks. We're releasing stuff almost every day. That's much better then an ad saying we're innovative."
The big losers stand out as brands that have not kept pace with the pace of innovation and have seen their brand value decline as a result: Ford -19%, The GAP -15%, Kodak -12%, Pizza Hut -9%, and Motorola -9%. "Hello Moto" has faltered by not being able to capitalize on the huge success of the RAZR model. The others seem to belong to another era and have failed to innovate sufficiently for the new century.

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  1. All the big winners are hyper consumer interactive, aren't they? And very, very good at not slipping up on the take-away connection and experience, which as you say, demands huge attention to innovation.If you slip up just the tiniest little bit, or turn your attention away from consumers just for one moment, they have so many other brands wooing them.