Monday, July 30, 2007

Time to get Simpsonized

More fun with generators. This is an interactive element in a Burger King promotion for the Simpson's movie. You can have your photo "Simpsonized" here. Believe it
or not, that is me (on the right).
I am not a great Simpson fan, but the promotional effort on this
movie and the integration of affinity brand partnerships has been well planned and implemented in a very engaging way. Result? It could break $80 million opening in the US last weekend. We will know tomorrow.
I am starting take in movie promotions more than I used to. Or is that they are just more entertaining than other categories. Here you get to interact and do fun stuff around the brand. Meanwhile, outside, Ford is handing out the same old flyers-folletos-brochures for their summer, end of model year, promotion. Compared to the Simpson's, Shrek the 3rd. or Harry Potter stuff, the Ford effort looks a bit tired and dated. Yawn, into the trash can goes yet another bit of junk.

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