Thursday, June 28, 2007

Brand Experience.
TED Stuff and Great Charts.
(Technology, Entertainment and Design)

Brand Experience is now generally recognized as a key metric in developing brand>consumer relationships: experiences create involvement and participation; they can be shared; passed on to friends and get talked about.
Lately a number of CRM, Event Marketing, DM and PR agencies have been trying to recast themselves as Brand Experience Agencies. The truth is that designers and Design Agencies have the inside track, because they really "get" what TED is all about.

David Armano is a designer who blogs at Logic+Emotion and is currently VP Experience Design at Critical Mass , has put together some interesting charts outlining a planning process for Creating (Brand) Experiences and an "Agency Eco-System" for developing ideas.

As a Planner, I can't agree with everything David is putting up. I get stuck around "emotional and rational mindsets". But the idea of rooting the process in business, brand and consumer insights is solid ground indeed. Good stuff.

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