Tuesday, January 16, 2007

Web Trends 2007
A very nice
piece of work from Information Architects. In their words . . .
"Before looking into who will make headlines next year let’s see what made websites successful in 2006. In short: Marketing, Content, Usability, Design and Behavior are the main factors that make a website work."
(These would also be good Frameworks to use when exploring and researching the health and strength of Internet brands, or any website for that matter: Presence; Content; Usability; Design and Behavior - shared vales - ethics)
Internet Marketing
is a combination of Presence (how well is it pushed? How known is it?) and Self Dynamic (how well does it market itself as a product?).

Interactive Content is a combination of Constructively (is the content/service productively usable? Are the texts authentic? Do they incite to write? Are they leading to positive action?) and Uniqueness (are they genuine? Are they special?)
Usability is a combination of Structure/IA (Are the contents organized in an understandable way? Where am I? Where can I go?) and the organisation of the User Interface (Do I understand where is what and why? Do I understand how it works? Does it do what I expect it to do?)
Web Design is a combination of Typography (Is the text easy to read? Is the typography web adequate?) and Attention to detail (does the website care about the little things? Is it characteristic and delicate or just bold?)
Online Behavior is a combination of Interactive Ethics (do the authors/owners have a positive open-minded attitude? Do they follow the basic rules of good manners?) and Democracy (Are they working towards a democratic open web or do they work only for their own pocket?)

These guys are no light weight buzz word merchants, they really know their stuff. If you are interested in Internet and Interactive development, spend some time on their site. I learned a lot there. Thank you threebillion.com. BTW sign up for the threebillion daily e-mail, they always have great links to really good planning related info.

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  1. Hi there. I also came across IA (can't remember how, but I think by a different route...see http://neilperkin.typepad.com/only_dead_fish/2007/01/mapping_the_int.html ) and really liked their clear thinking on big stuff. There's some other interesting links on mapping the internet I found here http://neilperkin.typepad.com/only_dead_fish/2007/02/mapping_the_int.html . Like your blog...have just come across it.