Thursday, January 11, 2007

Nice stuff from Office M
ax . . . . . and Sharpie
Over Christmas Office Max had dancing elves and other interesting, fun stuff to play with, that got about a bazillion hits so you must have seen it. It´s too late to link it now. Like the Christmas tree lights and decorations it´s been stored away for next year. Meanwhile, it´s back to "A relentless focus on you". Sounds a bit ominous. I think the head client must have sent off a quick e-mail to the Interactive creatives, at 8:00 AM on the first of January, along the lines of - "OK YOU GUYS, YOU´VE HAD YOUR FUN. NOW, LET´S GET BACK TO THE RELENTLESS FOCUS PLEASE."
Rather nostalgically I went to Office Max yesterday and bought a 2007 agenda, a telephone directory and a couple of Mini
Sharpie pens. . . .

(Great little pens by the way)

As you can see, Sharpie has not lost its fun side, or its focus on consumer culture (Resolutions) and being part of peoples lives.
Nice one Sharpie, see you soon!
See you next Christmas Office Max, when you get your sense of humor back. Unless of course, you have a fun offer on those Mini Sharpies!

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  1. I LOVE the silliness and fun of the Office Max elfamorphosis, and think finding such a cool idea that appeals to everybody of all ages and personality types was genius! It would be wonderful to know that it resulted from a great brief, but no less enjoyable however it came about.